Welcome to Linguaphiles.ee! This site is for you if you are interested in learning the basic expressions in a number of foreign languages.

If you want to learn the essential travel vocabulary before visiting another country, where your mother tongue won’t be of much help, refer to our site to quickly pick up some phrases.

You can listen to the recordings of all the phrases on our list and memorize them. All phrases have been recorded by native speakers or people who speak the recorded language at the near-native speaker level.

This website is the creation of two sisters:
  • Elina, a teacher of English, the founder of Rapla Language School and Rapla Translation Bureau in Estonia, Europe. Elina has some knowledge of ten foreign languages and calls herself a linguaphile (a language lover). She has arranged and given a variety of language lessons, composed study materials, translated fiction books from three languages, and lived in 4 countries. She also has two bilingual children.
  • Irene, a PhD student of Computer Science at University of Tartu, Estonia. Irene received a silver medal from the International Linguistics Olympiad in 2009. She has some knowledge of seven natural and six programming languages.
Both Elina and Irene speak Estonian, allegedly one of the hardest languages to learn, as their mother tongue.

Our sincere thanks go to Teresa and Patt for generously contributing their voices and time, and to Aile for the very attractive design of the website. If you are interested in hearing your language here as well and would like to volunteer your help, contact us at info@linguaphiles.ee.

The content of this site can be used for free by all visitors.

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